Creating a layaway:

  • 20% down on the time of the layaway
  • No interest-same as coins
  • Layaway duration is 60-days, no exceptions
  • Minimum of 3 bills are required
  • Initial 20% deposit
  • Payment before first 30-day marker
  • Final payoff amount
  • (You could make as many bills in between)

Terms of layaway application:

  • Length is 60 days, there are no exceptions
  • If you pick out to cancel a layaway, you will forfeit the preliminary 20% deposit
  • A layaway may be exchanged for every other object of same or more cost. There is a five% restocking fee and the difference can be due prematurely for the brand new layaway.
  • If you choose to cancel a layaway to use the deposited money to outright purchase another object, there’s a 10% restocking price for the object that changed into on layaway. 
  • A fee need to be made 30days after the initial deposit to continue the layaway
  • All firearms will require a background take a look at on the time of select up or 3-days prior
  • A created layaway DOES NOT make certain a historical past check approval, in case you are denied on the history you will forfeit the preliminary 20% deposit. 
  • It is a non-interest layaway, the amount priced is what’s paid

Layaway via Website:

  • Same terms follow as in store
  • Initial deposit on the website includes the following:
  • 20% of the cost of the item
  • In kingdom tax (FL)
  • Shipping cost (if out of kingdom)
  • All out of nation layaways will want an FFL chosen at the time of making the layaway

**All layaways are on the discretion of the Store Manager at Beret Gun Shop. Layaways may be cancelled at any time without purpose.**